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Label sticker material and printing process

Commonly used materials for label stickers Transparent Material Completely transparent material, invisible on the surface of your products. Copperplate paper (common) High-frequency use of materials with rich color rendering. Surface with glossy and matte. Waterproof Material Waterproof material, suitable for low temperature environment. High frequency of food and outdoor use. […]

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Custom Business Stickers

Custom Business Stickers: Your Brand’s Unique Signature We’ve helped more than 1,000 brands achieve steadily normalized performance Custom Business Stickers Custom business stickers are a powerful tool for branding, allowing you to convey your message, increase brand awareness, and connect with your target audience in a unique way. We, as

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Custom Sticker Rolls

Custom sticker rolls: A powerful tool to enhance your brand image Daily capacity 500 000+PCS Affordable Roll Label Stickers Manufacturer In the world of creative expression and marketing, customized sticker rolls have become a versatile tool that offers endless possibilities. From adding a personal touch to your items to increasing

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Custom clamshell packaging plastic clamshells containers manufacturers

Custom Clamshell Packaging Plastic Clamshells Containers 3D and 2D Computer Aided Design Software Custom structure shape and size ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manufacturer Leading production capacity, consistent quality Delivery experience in more than 80 countries Support Printing and Design of Color Paper Card Quickly obtain custom cost Single side storage clamshell

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Face seal blister packaging-blister packaging+paper card+sealing services

face seal blister packaging & Trapped Blister Packaging The most economical transparent blister packaging solution Great advertising space Precise fit to the product to stop shipping movement Unique Tamper Evident & theft deterrent High quality seal coating, firmly adhered Blister card and sealing services available Custom protection for your products

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Blister Packaging

Custom Blister Packaging Suppliers 6 thermoforming blister packaging lines (semi-automatic, fully automatic) Material passed SGS, ROHS, US California Proposition 65, SVHC and TPCH testing. Own mold room for fast and accurate handling of sample development and mass production Can assist in customizing blister packaging for products and brands Selection of

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